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After I’ve Mastered Technical Singing How Do I Change My Tonality?

Hey, I’m 16 and every time I sing it is more and more apparent to me that I have really bad Vocal tone, can you help me? I have worked on keeping my throat open, my tongue relaxed, raising my soft pallet, and singing with my diaphragm but nothing seems to be working for me. could you please help when you get the time?

p.s I want my voice to be a very smooth, not much vibrato, very clear tone, and I am a baritone.
thank you so much in advance



Hey Alim,

It sounds to me like you’re falling into the trap of getting so deep into playing with the technicalities of singing that you’re covering up your natural voice.

Stop worrying so much about the technicalities of what you’re “supposed” to do, and allow your voice to come through. If you want a connected tone, release a steady flow of air while you’re creating sound and connect your words together. If you want to release more, stop trying to manipulate your voice and just allow it to be open kind of like what you’d feel right before you yawn.

While I will never shy away from telling someone they should learn more about vocal technique, I do think that focusing too much on technique hinders some singers. At times, we just have to get past a lot of that and just let our natural voices shine.

I wrote and article about this not that long ago. Read it here – “What Other Voice Teachers Aren’t Telling You

Singing is just an extension of speaking. Therefore, in theory, all you need to do is hold your words out longer, and allow your voice to create different pitches while speaking, and you’re singing. Think of singing this way for a bit, and I bet you find more release as well as a more pleasant tone as well.

I hope this helps. Best of luck to you!

Vocal Coach Ken Taylor

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