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Am I Too Old To Sing?

I love to sing.  I sing with the radio all of the time and have plenty of CD’s I memorize and make sure I know all of the words.  How do I find out if I have any talent at all?  Also I am 51 years old.  Is it too late?

Hey Cheryl, It’s never too late to enjoy singing! I also believe it’s never too late to learn more about something you’re passionate about. Singing is a skill, and can be learned (at least to an extent) just like any other skill.Determining “if you have any talent at all” is somewhat of a loaded question because talent can only be measured by comparison, and just about everyone has different artistic preferences.I think the better question is how much do you enjoy it and would you enjoy it more if you were to improve upon those talents. Now, if you’ll only be happy if you become the next Britney Spears (I hope not), then you’ll likely be disappointed. But, if you can enjoy singing in your car, around the house, perhaps at church, karaoke, or even in a bigger venue, then why not follow that passion.

You never know what can be accomplished until you try, and accomplishing anything big comes with it’s own set of challenges that must be overcome in order to benefit from the reward.

Regardless as to what your direction is, I encourage you to follow your passion and move in the direction of your dreams. Even if you fall short of your biggest goal, you’ll still likely have a lot of fun trying in the meantime.

Best of luck to ya!
Vocal Coach Ken Taylor

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