Any Tips to Help At All? What Can I Do to Improve My Voice?

I don’t know if my voice is any good. I feel like it’s okay but needs some work and later in life i want to join the music industry, so i fear big time of not being good enough. Any tips to help at all? What can I do to improve my voice?


One of the best ways to succeed is to learn from someone who have already achieved that goal. Given your ultimate desires, I’d actually suggest you get a good vocal coach.

Now, I’m not promoting myself here (honestly, my schedule is closed at the moment), but getting guidance from a QUALIFIED teacher could be priceless to you. I can answer any question in a generic type of way that’ll help most people, but get in front of me for 30 minutes and I can completely dissect your voice and help you put it back together in a way that’ll help you move in the direction you’re wanting.

Btw, I suggest SLS or BMA certified coaches if you can get one… they’re more expensive, but the technique behind them is definitely worth it. While I don’t boast certification in either of these, I have had lessons from both organizations and they helped me accomplish more in a couple of lessons than I was able to working for years with other teachers.

All that being said, if getting a coach isn’t an option, then just keep looking online for tips whenever you find a hole in your voice. There are tons of questions I’ve answered here, great general tips on both and, and if you want to stay in touch on new articles, join my facebook page at

I’m not trying to be overly promotional here, but instead of offering generic advice that may or may not help you, I wanted to give you tons of resources that you can go to that hopefully help you in the future.

Best of luck to you in all your vocal endeavors.

Vocal Coach Ken Taylor


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