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Are There Any Dietary Concerns for a Singer?

Hey Ken! Great website and awesome articles.

I was just wondering if there are any dietary concerns singers should be aware of (aside from just a balanced diet).



Hey Andrew,

Good question! There are many opinions that circle around this topic. It’s true that different foods can have desired or undesired effects on the voice. As a general rule, it’s best to try different things out and see how they affect you. However, here is a list of different foods that some would say to avoid, and why…

As a general rule, drinking alcohol or caffeine can dehydrate you, leading your vocal cords dry and slightly swollen (not good for a singer).

Eating dairy products or salad dressings can typically cover the cords in a way that can make them unpredictable. Chocolate also has the same effect.

As a general rule, drinking water and eating fruits and veggies are a good choice, as these natural foods are made up of plenty of water and will help rehydrate you.

These are just some ideas, but remember, rules often times were made to be broken. I know singers, myself included, that would completely ignore these for different reasons depending on the sound I want that night. It’s really just a factor of learning how different foods affect your voice and acting accordingly.

I hope this helps!


Vocal Coach Ken Taylor

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