Learning to sing on a more than “just a hobby” level usually requires quite a bit of guidance from some type of mentor. Someone whose been there, has spent their time figuring out what works and what doesn’t, and is willing to share the secrets of success with you.

Some coaches and consultants charge hundreds, if not thousands of dollars to share this type of information, while others who have made it don’t have the time or don’t want to share these secrets because they don’t want more competition.

But for me, helping people like you by sharing this information is a great way to show the world my gratitude for providing me the success that I’ve had. So, below are a few articles that I have written that hold nothing back. Read these, and apply what you can learn within them and see how much farther you can go on your own.

Vocal Coach Ken Taylor

How to Hit High Notes

Breathing and Singing

How to Improve Singing with Practice

Singing with Emotion 

Ask A Vocal Coach

Become the Singer
YOU Want to Be

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