Can Doing Tenor Exercises Raise My Range?

Back in high school I use to be a baritone/tenor. That was in 2009. I recently purchased this app on called Erols singer studio and I use it frequently while reading about certain things like breathing exercises on your site to help me. The thing is I’ve been using the tenor exercises instead of baritone, which baritone is more in my range because I can hit every note, but I want to raise my vocal range higher so when I go to school I can try out for musicals and roles that require a tenor voice. Would it be a bad idea to keep doing the tenor exercises? Or maybe would doing the baritone exercises help increase my range later on? Sorry if this is confusing. It’s just been 3 years since I’ve been in a choir and I want to be good when I try out for the music program.



Hey Larry,

I feel like I’ve already answered this question, so if I have, feel free to just delete this one and listen to what I said last time.

Anyway, I don’t think doing the tenor exercises will hurt you as long as they’re not helping you create bad habits. If you’re tensing up while singing the tenor exercises, I’d probably back off them, but I wouldn’t stop if they feel more comfortable. Your voice may just be expanding into that range.

Btw, the pitches that you sing aren’t always a reflection of your voice type. In most genres of music, it’s more the quality of your voice that dictates range, not the pitches you sing. Regardless, having tenor notes as a baritone couldn’t hurt you, just as having baritone notes could hurt you as a tenor.

Btw, my typical warm up takes me to about a low C, and up to about an F above high C. With that range, I could easily claim any of the voice parts in that spectrum. So yeah, once you unlock your voice, range isn’t so much the issue as where you feel comfortable and what your vocal tonality best lends itself to.

I hope this makes sense.

Anyway, best of luck with all your vocal endeavors.

Vocal Coach Ken Taylor

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