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Can I Improve the Lower Part of My Range?

Hello Ken,

I’ve been practicing jazz solo singing for 6 years since i was 17. Through that time i had 2 great vocal coaches, who are jazz singers as well. However, I still have one big problem that bothers me. Though i am soprano, i want to improve my lower notes, so they would sound more “wider” and powerful. My lower register is very weak. A lot of jazz or pop songs I have to arrange so I wouldn’t have to sing low notes. Do I have any chance to improve that?


Vaiva. :)


I’d image you can. One of my biggest beefs with many teachers is that they won’t teach a higher female singer true chest voice, because she so rarely uses it.

If this is the case, I’d imagine you have quite a bit more range down there than you’re used to. However, describing how to get there on paper is somewhat difficult.

One of the biggest issues I see with people when they’re trying to sing low is that they’ll bunch their tongue back and hike the larynx. If you find yourself doing this, work toward keeping the voice more neutral, even if it causes you to have less volume down there. Once you get used to that balance, you’ll be able to lean more into it (by both maintaining that vertical, narrow space in the back of your mouth, and while voicing that sound in the front of the face… if that makes sense).

Play with this for a bit and feel free to write me again if you have any more questions about it.


Vocal Coach Ken Taylor

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