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Can You Give Examples of Voice Training?

Thanks for all the tips you have been giving me. Please I have a question, how can I avoid voice cracking or breaking while singing in the studio or doing practice. Can you give me some example of voice training and does yawning work well as voice training. Thanks

Hello Femi,

When your voice cracks, it’s because it’s been pushed to the limits of what it’s capable of doing. This could be because of a raised larynx, too much air being pushed out, or and handful of other things.

All that being said, I’d suggest you check out a couple of different videos. One will describe the breath and talks about one of the cautions I give to singers, which is not to push too more air when you sing higher (which can cause your voice to crack). You can find this video here – Breathing and Singing.

The other video actually describes how you can structure a vocal warm up. I like it quite a bit because it’s a helpful source for singers as well. You can watch it here –

Check out these videos and feel free to comment on whether or not they helped.


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