Can You Help Me With Breath Management?

I have a hard time managing breath. I was taught to use more air as i ascend in pitch  which make the notes to G5 a bit easier ,leaving a side effect breath management :-( My most comfortable notes in chest voice is A3 sometimes MiddleC and the notes above it is falsetto and head voice. I know chest voice shouldn’t be taken too high what about bringing head voice lower and how do i achieve it.


First off, check out my article Breathing and Singing

Secondly, the way we use the breath plays a huge roll in our abilities (and comfort level) as singers.

In my opinion, I’d say it’s more important to make sure you maintain consistent support as you ascend pitch wise more so than using more air. Adding too much air can cause an imbalance of compression underneath the vocal cords and result in unnecessary tension.

Regardless of whether you’re singing in head voice or chest voice, there needs to be a consistent flow of air throughout to keep a connected, well balanced sound. This consistent air will also guide you in keeping your vocal mechanism loose to avoid any unwanted tensions. Use your speaking voice as a guide.

When it comes to your question about the placement of your chest/head voice, in general it sounds like you could benefit from creating a mix voice. Explaining a mix is difficult to do in an article, but you can start by singing scales on the upper end of your range and bringing head voice down as low as you can. So for example, start singing in head voice, then use scales to move down into your lower register. The more you do this, the easier you’ll be able to transition between the chest and head voice.

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