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Can You Use Falsetto Instead of Head Voice?

Does using falsetto technique to compensate for not being able to sing super high pitch actually sound good? And is it considering cheating.



Hey Edward,

Singing in falsetto can be considered cheating or can sound good, depending on the style of the song and the direction of the artist. My rule is falsetto should be used as an artistic choice, not out of necessity.

Also, head voice is a much stronger sounding alternative to falsetto. To me, the difference between head voice and falsetto is head voice has cord closure, and falsetto doesn’t  (meaning falsetto is breathy, head voice isn’t).

Because head voice can be so strong, sometimes we can trick people into hearing a seamless voice when we flip between chest and head voice, but we have to make the upper part of chest voice lighter, and we have to take head voice a little bit further down than you’re likely used to. I’d prefer you spend your time developing a mix than working on this, but it can be easier to mask that flip than finding a mix, so perhaps you do that in the meantime while you’re working on releasing your upper sound and developing your mix.

I hope this helps!

Happy Singing,
Vocal Coach Ken Taylor

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