Do Audiences Like Fast or Slow Songs More?

I’d like to know if an audience likes to hear a slow song or a fast song better. I know that a slow song, with a lot of emotion in it can be good, but would a fast , peppy song be better?

Hey Austin,

Most of the time, I would base the choice of a song on the audience age. If they are most a older crowd, I would go with the slow and emotional song. If they are young, then obviously and upbeat song would keep their attention.

If you don’t know the age or anything about the audience you will be singing for, then I would base it on the event for which you are singing. Serious events like political gatherings, wedding ceremonies, or anywhere you want to show your talent where the audience knows they HAVE to watch should be slower and inspirational. Other events like parties, luncheons, wedding receptions, and fun places I would do a fast song.

Again, if you don’t know anything about anything, I would base it on the type of singer you are.

If you have a strong, exceptional voice that you KNOW will catch someone’s attention, then I would definitely go with something slower and more impressive. If you consider yourself a light and ‘for fun’ singer, or perhaps you know you’re a stronger performer than singer, then I would go with the lighter, upbeat song that keeps things fun and interesting.

I’ve dealt with many audiences, and one things stays the same… They will ALWAYS appreciate true talent.

I hope this helped you not only for this instance, but for more in the future! Comment below and let us know how it goes!

Mandi Thomas

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