Do I Have To Be Able To Sing In Order To Compose?

I have lots of compositions, but I don’t know how to sing. Does one need know how to sing before one can compose? I think my compositions aren’t bad, they just don’t sound good when I sing them. Please help! :0 I think I need to marry a person like you so that I can have free voice lessons forever… hahahahah!

LOL!!! I suppose having close access to a vocal teacher could help :-p

I don’t think you absolutely have to be able to sing in order to compose, but knowing what a typical singer’s limits are would be helpful. At least when it comes to classical composition, it’s pretty obvious to a singer whether a composer was a singer or not by the way he or she writes/wrote his pieces.

As long as you follow a general outline as to what the expected ranges of a singer are for the type of music you’re writing, then you should be pretty good though. However, if you’d like to learn more about singing, it certainly couldn’t hurt. I know writing music for me is pretty easy because of both my understanding of music theory and the ease at which I can create a melody line (which I’d argue creating melody lines is so easy for me because I’ve spent YEARS of singing them!).

Anyway, I hope this helps. Best of luck with all your compositions!

~ Vocal Coach Ken Taylor

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