How Can I Get Over My Performance Anxiety?

Are you wondering how to get over performance anxiety while singing? If so, you have come to the right place.

There are several techniques you can employ that will help you get over this mental barrier and get the best performance possible.

In this article, we’ll cover some of them including pre-performance rituals, deep breathing exercises, and redirecting negative thoughts. 

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Redirecting Negative Thoughts

If you’re a singer and you suffer from performance anxiety, you’re not alone. Performing in front of an audience can be terrifying, but this mostly comes from a deep desire to be liked and accepted. 

This was once a really big deal back hundreds of years ago. If the pack didn’t accept you, they wouldn’t protect you and you wouldn’t have as high of a likelihood to survive. 

Fortunately, a bad performance today won’t lead to death, but it may feel like it sometimes. Haha.

That said, virtually all performers get that bit of nervous energy right before they go on stage. But instead of being crippled by this, try using it to your advantage.

Instead of having that nervous energy feed your negative thoughts, why not have it build your positive thoughts.

Get excited about your performance. Visualize yourself performing well, and the audience responding well to it.

The more your turn this negative into a positive, the more ready you’ll be. 

Deep Breathing Exercises

If you have performance anxiety, deep breathing exercises are an excellent way to calm yourself.

Breathing deeply not only calms your body, it calms the mind. Plus, as a singer, it has the added benefit of carving a good path of proper breathing for our performance. 

When you do this, your mind is prepared to sing, and you will not be weighed down by the anxiety you feel.

It’s a proven fact that deep breathing exercises can help you get over performance anxiety while singing. So give it a try and see if it helps you!

Pre-Performance Rituals

Pre-performance rituals have the effect of reducing anxiety and helping you to maintain order in an otherwise chaotic situation.

I think half the reason why this helps is it gives your mind something to focus on and helps you get in the zone.

However, this is not a quick fix, and it is unlikely to improve your performance. In fact, your performance will only improve when you can perform your pre-performance rituals regularly.

But, you can start thinking about what this might look like for you now. The goal of this ritual is to keep you in a “ready to perform” head space. 

For me, I might listen to certain music that calms my mind, then an inspiring song before I go out on stage. I might stretch, and visualize the performance going the way I want. I may even jump up and down, trying to work more energy into my body. 

But that’s me. The question is, what would help you be ready to go out on stage?

In Conclusion…

The more your turn this negative into a positive, practice deep breathing, and get comfortable with your pre-performance ritual, the more ready you’ll be to perform. 

That said, each of these ideas takes practice. And the only way to practice it is to perform more.

So get out there and try these techniques and see how they work. 

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