I discoverd that I can sing notes above E4 with 2 different voices. The one is connected to my chest voice . The other one is louder and use more air and its hard to control. I can sing up to G5 with it.

~ Ammos

Hmmm… My different teachers have different opinions on the whole Head Voice/Falsetto thing. Here’s my take.

If you’re voice is connected and DOES NOT have a breathy tone, then it’s head voice.

If you hear extra air coming out while you sing, kind of like a hissing sound, then your vocal cords are not closed and to me, that constitutes falsetto.

Also, if you’re singing above your second bridge, odds are you’re singing in a mix and not chest voice. At least if it’s comfortable anyway. Need help singing high notes? Check out my article on How to Sing High Notes!

Hope this helps!


ps – Everyone feel free to leave comments below!


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