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How Can I Balance Resonance?

I have an ok connection between my chest and head voice, but when I reach my apparent mixed voice, it sounds very whiny and somewhat annoying. I have no clue what I’m doing wrong. Is it just resonance placement? If so, how can I balance resonance?


What it sounds like to me is that you’re approaching those notes differently than you do the chest and head notes. Closing off your throat could be a major factor in what you are hearing yourself. I would recommend recording yourself doing a few scales and a couple songs that you know you sound whiny singing. Listen to them, and each time you listen, record yourself singing it another way…they don’t have to be professional…on your phone would be fine. You will still be able to hear the difference. In terms of placement, make sure when you approach those notes you round out the vowel and have the openness of a yawn when you sing them.

I can’t be too sure of what you’re feeling because I am a woman, and of course singing for us is different. I do find with my students that when they sound whiny, I tell them to round the vowel, open their throat, and everything corrects itself.

Always, always, always, make sure to do scales over and over because THAT is what is going to make the transitions from chest, middle, and head sound smoothly every time you sing. I did scales for 3 years constantly before I had the smooth sound, and now just a couple a day are fine to keep the sound I want.

So, your question about the resonance placement will probably be your answer as well. Anytime you hear a whiny anything, it’s most likely the placement, not necessarily of the resonance, but also placement of the vowel. Try what I told you, and if the recording and listening doesn’t work then do scales.

If none of that works then please get back in touch with me, and we will go from there.

Good luck!
Mandi Thomas

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