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How Can I Become Famous

Is there a possibility I might get famous by busking?

I suppose anything is possible. Truth is, you never know who is watching you. I was invited to audition for what became my first paid performing gig because the manager saw me perform at this competition.

Like I said, anything is possible. However, if my main goal was to become famous, I’d probably be looking to promote myself in more ways than just busking, and there are so many different ways that we can do that now with recording software on computers, camera phones, youtube, facebook, websties, etc.

If I were trying to really make it big, I’d be looking to establish a fan base a little bit of everywhere. Keep in mind, the more eyeballs you control, and the more people you directly (or indirectly influence like say via the internet), the more money you’ll ultimately make. My suggestion would be keep performing, but continue to expand the different avenues where people can find you and go from there.

Best of luck!
Vocal Coach Ken Taylor

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