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How Can I Breathe Correctly and Stop Singing Through My Nose?

I’m 14 years old, I have trouble with breathing while singing. My dad also says I sing through my nose. How can I stop singing though my nose and breathe better while singing?




Hey Anthony,


It’s not necessarily a bad thing to have nasal resonance while singing, but it becomes bad when we don’t balance it out with other resonance. Typically this happens because we’re too pinched off in the back of our mouths while singing.


So, when you’re singing, relax the back of the tongue and allow the back of your mouth to open up vertically. This will create more space, and help you avoid the pinched off placement that usually leads to an overly nasal sound.


You can also try to counter the tone by singing with more of a “hooty” tone. To do this, just try and speak like Scooby Doo. I know it sounds weird, but doing this should help you create the space I was talking about in the paragraph before without you having to think about it as much.


When it comes to singing and the breath, I’d simply suggest reading my article on Breathing and Singing  , as that should give you just about everything you’d need.


Best of luck!
Vocal Coach Ken Taylor

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