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How Can I Create Consistency in My Voice and Performance?

Dear Ken,

I love singing and sometimes I can sing so perfect and beautifully it amazes even me. It also captivates my audience and gets me standing ovations, but I can’t sing like this at will, only occasionally like when i am under the influence. How can I make this happen all the time?


Hey Patrick,

It seems like more of a mental block to me than anything else. But one thing’s for sure… if you can do it while “influenced,” you can do it while you’re not. So now, what you have to do is identify what it is you’re doing well when you’re ON, then model it when you’re not.

You’ll want to model not just what you do on the outside, but also how you feel on the inside. Perhaps it’s a feeling of freedom, or just a complete disregard for caring what others thing. Undeniable confidence always attracts the masses, and when paired with an amazing performance, would warrant the type of results you mentioned. Check out my article on Singing Performance Tips to help with your crowd pleasing moves.

So, like I said, figure out what it is (and it’ll probably be many things) that leads to you being ON, and then just duplicate it (and yes, you should be able to do this without special beverages).

Hope this helps.

Vocal Coach Ken Taylor


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