How Can I Get Rid of Mucus in My Throat?

I’d like to ask how can I get rid of mucus in my throat. Its there when I wake up and as day goes by I slowly get rid of it by talking. When I do warm-up I get rid of it in a minutes so it’s not that big deal I guess but sometimes it really can mess up my voice. Any tips? ~ Ondrej

Hey Ondrej,

I think you hit the nail on the head… do your warm ups. If that fixes it, then I’d just make it a priority to do warm ups every time before you sing. If you’re a serious singer, you should be doing this anyway.

However, if it’s especially bad, there are a few things you may want to do.

1. Avoid eating a lot of dairy (drinking milk, cheese, creams, salad dressings) as the usually cause more phlegm to be present on the vocal cords.
2. If sick, you can try gargling water to help clear your voice somewhat. If this helps, great! If not, gargling a mixture of apple cider vinegar and honey also works, but PLEASE don’t swallow it as it’s super nasty… the taste alone makes me want to throw up.
3. If it’s bad enough, check with a doctor and see if he has any solutions. If he tries to put you on an allergy medicine, then make sure it’s one that won’t dry you out too much, and that you drink plenty of extra water to prevent dryness on the cords.

All of those things are good pieces of advice for getting rid of phlegm on the cords, but honestly, if the warm ups are working for you, then I’d stick with that and not worry about the rest.

Hope this helps!
Vocal Coach Ken Taylor

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