How Can I Handle Singing for Long Periods of Time?

I am a professional singer and I got an offer to sing in an special party from 6pm to 10pm. I am a little lost as I never have been asked to sing for such a long time, of course I will take some rest but I still do not know how to handle it! do you have any tip for me? I will really appreciate it.

Thank you


Hey Cherie,

Hopefully I’m not getting to this too late. But, here are a couple of things I’d keep in mind when performing for a 4 hour time block.

First off, I make sure that your voice is in the best shape for something like this. This means make sure you’re well hydrated and well rested. Of course, I’d also highly recommend taking your breaks when you need them.

These things will probably help more than you may know, but there’s one more thing I’d be sure to do in this type of scenario.

Be sure to order your songs in a way that’s beneficial to you as a vocalist.

There are some songs that are more trying, and other songs that always feel good when you sing them. I’d make sure to spread these out, being sure to give yourself a break after the harder songs.

Hopefully this helps and wasn’t too common sense. Also look at How to Improve Singing with Practice 

Best of luck on this performance, and/or future performances.

Vocal Coach Ken Taylor


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