How Can I Improve My School Play Audition?

I want to audition for a school play this year, but I have never sang before in public, by my myself, except last year when I auditioned and got stuck with a lame role that was kind of a “background role”. What are some tips that can help me do better than last year, given that I don’t take lessons or anything but I sometimes sing at home, I have more of a lower voice than most girls which is not very good cause the director picks out the music?

Ahh, school play auditions. Well first off, for school plays, I always suggest making sure that you are 100% reliable and consistent for your teacher. While casting is somewhat based on talent, it’s also based on who the director knows they can rely on (this is true in many community theatres and even professional theatre as well).

So the first thing I’d do is make sure that you show them how reliable you are over a period of time… not just in an audition.

Secondly, you mentioned that you struggle with stage fright. I understand, because most of us have (including me!). Here’s an article that may help that – Getting Past Stage Fright  

Finally, I wouldn’t worry about your range. There are some roles that fit your range what show is selected and whether or not it has a good role in it for you. However, if you’d like some advice on how to extend your range, there are several articles that give advice on that in the Vocal Technique category of this site. Just sift through them and read any that you think might help.

I hope your auditions go well, and remember, if you don’t make it, you’ll up your chances of getting a bigger role next year significantly if you are consistent and keep a good attitude in this years show!

Vocal Coach Ken Taylor


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