How Can I Improve the Strength of My Voice?

Hi Ken! I’m a young singer and I want to aim at improving the strength of my voice. Most importantly: How do I hit those strong, soulful high notes in my chest voice? I tend to switch to my head voice pretty quickly as a soprano, but I’d really love to improve this part of my singing so I can sing more songs. Thanks!




Hey Cassie,


In my opinion, you don’t want to sing high notes in an aggressive chest voice, but rather a mix voice (which can sound like chest). A mix voice is a real asset to all singers, especially commercial singers, and goes a long way towards giving them the sound that most singers only dream of.


Creating a mix voice isn’t always easy however, as it requires a great deal of coordination. I’d say the easiest way to find it would be to work with a great teacher. I suggest those with an SLS or BMS certification.


However, if lessons aren’t an option, read this article on How to Sing High Notes and play around with it for a while until you gain a deeper understand of the different things I say in it and see if it helps.


You can also check out this article on Increasing Vocal Range  as well, as I go into more details about the mix voice in it.

Hope this helps!

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