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How Can I Increase My Range Without Forcing Air Out of My Stomach?

Hey so I’m having range issues.  I can sing the high notes with a clear sound and it’s even but it doesn’t fit with the rest of my singing because I’m like pushing the air out of my chest.  And I know you’d say just concentrate on pushing it out of your stomach, but when i do that it doesn’t sound good? HELP hahaha


Lol. Sounds like you’re in quite the predicament.

When it comes to the breath while singing, your goal should be to have a consistent flow of air, whether you’re singing in the lower, middle or upper parts of your range. That being said, if you, “like pushing the air out of your chest,” then I’d have to imagine that the flow of air isn’t balanced. The other indicator of this is that the tone you’re singing with in the higher part of your range doesn’t fit with the rest of your singing voice.

But the good news is if you can sing something the wrong way, you can sing it the right way. You just have to figure out how. This is going to require letting go of a way that’s partially working for you now, and exploring new territory until you find the best solution for your problem.

That being said, there are a couple of things that you’re going to need to do. One of them is to learn to breath in a manner that allows you to have control over the flow of air exiting your body, and that’s accomplished by breathing with your diaphragm.

I’ve already written an article expanding on my ideas of diaphragmatic breathing for singers  Just click that link and absorb the concept.

Once you’re using a steady flow of air while singing (regardless as to whether you’re singing high or low), you’ll be ready to start developing a mix voice. Creating a mix voice is what will allow you to soar into the upper parts of your range without breaks or obnoxious changes in your tone. Click the link to read more about Learning to Sing Higher 

Play with these two things and while you may not have the same strength of sound at first, you’ll develop it over time while having a voice whose sound doesn’t have to change when you sing in different parts of it.

Best Wishes


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