How Can I Make My Voice Deeper When Belting?

Hello! I have several questions about singing. First I am a classical singer but I also would like to develop my belting voice. I wonder if it’s possible to make my voice deeper when belting? If I may say so it sounds rather light, even buzzy, and there is not enough strength… Another question is that recently I unfortunately overstrained my voice and I lost it for a while, not its back but before I could belt up to a5 and now only to e5 with raspiness! Will my range be back?:( also after this voice break I suddenly was able to sing with flute voice, it begins from d6 to c7 for me, at the same time I can hit the same d6 with head voice…

I can’t really say when you’ll get your voice back from overstraining, but I’d suggest keeping things light and right in the meantime until the rasp goes away. One way you can help encourage your cords to properly close again (getting you past the raspy sound) is to slide up and down your range on vowels with edge closure… Edge closure and cord closure are similar… edge is just the lightest version of cord closure. Here’s a video demonstrating cord closure –

When it comes to developing a deeper belt/mix voice, it’s absolutely possible for you to do that. It’s going to be a factor of balancing a lowered larynx (to do this, sing with more of a hooty tone) with a steady flow of air while keeping the outer muscles of the throat relaxed (including the area under the jaw).

One of the common misconceptions of singers looking to mix is they want to take the pressure up with them. While there is an element of compression in mixing on the top, the foundation of release in mix is head voice. Maintain the release of head voice and your mix will be more balanced and you’ll be less likely to over exert yourself.

If you’d like more guidance in accomplishing this, we can arrange a skype lesson or two. There are enough different elements that have that have to be tweaked differently in different voices that describing how to accomplish a mix online can be rather difficult. You can find out more about my lessons at

I hope this helps, and best of luck to you!

~ Ken

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