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How Can I Make My Voice Match My Guitar Abilities?

Where do I start? I picked up the guitar a year ago and I’ve done amazing at that but I want to entertain more. but i sound really bad. the music can’t cover it up!!!



Hey Travis,

I want to tell you a story. I was at karaoke one night, and there were a handful of super talented people there, and of course, some that weren’t so talented. Well, as the night went on, I noticed that the talented singers, because of their performance and the level of polish, were more generic. But, there was one guy in particular whose voice wasn’t all that great technically, but every time he got up to sing, the people went wild.

He sat at a table with 2 other people, and didn’t really talk to anyone else the whole night, so it wasn’t that he had a ton of friends there, but there was something about him when it picked up the microphone. He had this charisma about him.

He may not have hit all his notes, or had the most friends there, but he was being genuine with the music and sharing that with everyone else. It was his personality that won over everyone, not his talent. This isn’t that common now a days either… think Britney Spears :p

Anyway, the point is this. Singing is both an art form and a science. It’s a science because there’s a factor of technique and getting the most out of your voice. But, it’s an art form in that it’s a form of individual expression. We work on the technique to get better, but it’s the marriage of that and the individual expression that wins over an audience (and the latter takes precedent).

So that being said, work on connecting with your audience and being genuine in what you’re saying, projecting a strong personality and that’ll take you far. Then, work here and there on improving your voice. You can get a ton of free tips either on or you can watch videos tips on

I hope this helps. Best of luck with your performing!

Vocal Coach Ken Taylor




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