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How Can I Sing Lower?

I feel like I am damaging my vocal chords when I am singing lower notes, and I am not happy with their quality. Help?


Hey Julie,

It sounds to me like you’re trying too hard to force those notes out. The fullness of the sound created by space, not pressing.

So what I’d suggest is as you sing lower, keep an effortless amount of pressure in the voice (just like speaking), while making sure that you keep good posture.

One thing I’d definitely look out for is lowering your chin as you sing lower. Doing this is while singing is like putting a kink in a hose… your cutting off the air and resonance as you do this. So keep a level head (no lowering the chin) and it should feel much healthier when you sing lower.

You may not have the same range at first when you do this, but keep it up and you’ll surpass what you were able to do when you were forcing the sound. Make sure you are mastering the things on the article Breathing and Singing as well, as these can be some of your problems.

Hope this helps!

Vocal Coach Ken Taylor


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