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How Can I Sing Past My Bridge?

Hi, I’ve been practicing the speech level singing and I noticed some differences in my voice…Great differences! But still I don’t seem to be able to hit some notes that I really NEED to hit since I’ll have an audition in some weeks to be the lead singer of a new girls band, which would be a dream come true for me… The only problem is that we’ve got two songs available to choose, which are “Get Back – Demi Lovato” and “Skyscraper- Demi Lovato”. They’re easy to sing but the G5 notes parts ruin everything, I just can’t hit the notes in neither one of the songs. So I was wondering can you give me a tip or an exercise that would help me to be able to hit these notes? Thank you for your time.



Hey Duda,


First off, I absolutely love the SLS technique, so I wouldn’t be overly tempted to move on from that for a bit. Sometimes it just takes a little bit of practice.

That top G is a tough one for most singers… it’s right on your bridge, and it’s up there. So, there are a few things you want to make sure are happening (which I’m sure your SLS teacher is already on, whether she’s mentioned it or not).

First, you want to make sure that you’re tongue and the external swallowing muscles in the neck are relaxed. If these are tense, it’s nearly impossible for you to hit this not and sound good.

Secondly, you’ll need to narrow whatever vowel you’re singing on. It’ll likely take on more of an “uh” vowel sound in addition to the original vowel (if you can sing that at all up there… it may be a pure “uh” sound). Singing with a “hooty” tone helps make this happen as well.

Finally, I’d make sure that your jaw is dropped, but I’d be conscious not to drop it down and forward. I’d also try to make sure that the tongue is still released toward the front of the mouth and not bunching up in the back.

Now please, keep in mind that I am online and cannot hear you, so if your teacher tells you to do something else, I’d trust their advice over mine. But, you may give these things a try and see if they’ll help you.


Vocal Coach Ken Taylor

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