How Can I Sing When I Have a Cracked Voice?

How can I sing perfectly even when I have a cracked voice? ~ Emmanuel


Hey Emmanuel,

Well, cracking in the voice could be the result of many things, but rest assured your voice itself isn’t cracked. :-)

Cracking can come from an imbalance in the vocal mechanism. For example, if you’re pushing an unhealthy amount of air underneath the cords, that can cause the larynx to rise to an extreme, resulting in cracking. Dry cords can lead to cracking, so it’s important to stay hydrated and not drink excessive amounts of alcohol or caffeine. Also, swollen vocal cords are often more prone to crack, as they’re less balanced in general, so making sure you stay rested and healthy (as much as you can help) is a good idea as well.

However, the main reason most singers experience cracking in their voice is due to an unbalanced vocal technique. I discuss this quite a bit in an article I’ve written not that long ago – How to Sing High Notes. Read it and let me know if this helps… if not, give me a few more specifics on what’s going on and we’ll go from there.

Vocal Coach Ken Taylor

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