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How Can I Switch Between Head and Chest Voice

How can I switch to and from head voice without sounding completly different from my normal singing and to be able to still have a gritty vince neil/sebastian bach rock n roll sound when I do it?



Hey Yiannis,

Narrowing the vowels and keeping a consistent pressure and larynx placement is key when transition between voices. If you dig into too much pressure, you’re likely to break apart. If your vowels are wide, you’re voice will break on both the ascent or decent. Also, if that larynx isn’t kept balanced, same deal.

Try this… practice whatever you’re having issues with while singing on boo(k) with a hooty tone. Be sure to keep the vowel narrow and maintain a steady flow of air. This should make the transition easier for you, though you might not get it right at first… might take a handful of tries to balance out. Once you get this, memorize that feeling and then apply the same feel to the words of the song.
I hope this helps.

Vocal Coach Ken Taylor


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