How Can I Transition Between Chest and Head Voice?

How does it feel singing above the bridge (in mixed voice). Currently, for me, it feels a lot like pushing head voice down to the bridge, but that makes the bridging feel weird because my voice would break in the transition. So, it comes to a second question: how do we properly transit between chest and head voice?

Hey Kieron,

To me, the feeling of a mix doesn’t feel like bringing head voice down, nor does it feel like taking chest voice up. It really feels more like talking than anything else, when properly executed.

As you already mentioned, the way to transition between head and chest voice is through a mix voice. However, developing this coordination can take some time and isn’t overly easy to describe on paper.

I wrote an article or two about mixing, explaining a few things that need to happen. I’ll attach them below:

Increasing Vocal Range Without Cracking

How to Increase Range

How to Sing High

Once again though, developing a mix isn’t something you’re going to get from an article, but more from some experimentation and good guidance. If the guidance in these articles make sense to you, play with them and see if they help.

If they don’t, I’d suggest finding a good teacher that’s proven their ability to help singers find their mix to help guide you.

I wish I could give you more direction, but this is one of those things that’s really hard to describe… it’s much easier for me to trick your voice into doing it across from a piano.

I do hope these articles help though!

Vocal Coach Ken Taylor

ps – While it may put me at risk of sounding overly promotional, I wanted to throw one more thing out there. One of my vocal mentors, Brett Manning, put out a CD/DVD series called Mastering the Mix (found on I started it and enjoyed it, but my box set walked off before I could finish it (that’s my way of not accepting responsibility for misplacing it : p). It’s probably the price of 3 lessons or so, but the guidance you’d get from him would likely be much more solid than advice from most teachers. He’s pretty much a genius on all things vocal, and a huge part of why I can now sing 4 and 5 octave scales. So yeah… for what it’s worth. :-)

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