How Do I Avoid Tongue Tension with a Small Jaw?

I have a small mouth and therefore a limited jaw. I feel it creates throat tension when I sing because I have to stretch that jaw! Is there any hope for a small mouthed gal other than jaw and tongue warm-ups??? Please help. Thank you.



Hey Hannah,

We are all built a little differently, and therefore we all have different advantages and disadvantages when it comes to singing. Having a small mouth isn’t horrible, nor is it detrimental really to singing well.

If you experience jaw tension, then I’d suggest stretching and warming up accordingly. However, it sounds more to me like it’s your tongue that’s in the way and causing problems. Learn to release the tongue, and you’ll probably discover that a lot of the issues you thought were jaw related will go away.

I discuss how we can rid ourselves of tongue tension in this article. Check it out and see if it helps.

Also, if you find your jaw is very ridged, you don’t have to drop it as far as you are dropping it. You’ll likely find your best sound when you’re relaxed for many reasons, so don’t get too caught up on forcing your jaw to drop way down just because you were informed at some point that that’s how you sing. Play around and find what’s comfortable to you and you’ll likely discover not only an increase in the quality of your voice, but also a relaxed state while singing.


Best of luck!


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