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How Do I Become More Serious About Singing?

Hi, I am 15 years old, and I love singing. I want to start getting serious about it, but I’m not sure how. How am I supposed to find a vocal coach and become more serious?


Hey Alison,The way I’d start looking for a coach is by researching online and asking your singing friends (or really any singer that’s good). What you want to do when you’re researching teachers is make sure that these teachers have a track record of getting good results in the type of music you’re interested in singing.

One of the biggest flaws I see young singers make is taking voice lessons either from an unqualified teacher, or taking from a teacher that doesn’t teach the type of  music they’re interested in.

Also, there are people out there that are wonderful singers, but not the best teachers. So while it makes sense to have a voice teacher that’s a great singer, you want to measure their talent more so on whether they get results with their students instead of how great of a singer they are. I hope this makes sense.

Finally, there are a handful of different coaches that teach webcam lessons online (I plan on getting into this soon once I complete some training I’m working on). These teachers are typically more money on a per hour basis, but some of them are hands down worth it. I’d easily suggest most any Brett Manning Master Teacher as well as any upper level Speech Level Singing instructor. I’ve studied both of these techniques, and they’ve both had a tremendous positive effect on my voice.

I hope this helps, and wish you the best of luck in finding a great vocal mentor that can help you take your voice to the next level!

Vocal Coach Ken Taylor

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