I wanna learn how to belt sing. I tried to do that, but I got a sore throat from doing that. Is there a way to SAFELY belt without damaging your singing voice? I like singing a lot, but I REALLY wanna know how to belt to get better at it. Thanks :)



Hey Sandy, I usually don’t answer multiple questions from the same person, but my assistant really liked this question and I feel like there are quite a few people that could benefit from it, so I’ll let it slide :-)

*ps – I reserve the right to change my opinion on this later down the road if I find a better idea.

In my personal opinion, there’s a distinct difference between singing with a “belt” and singing with an aggressive mix voice.

You see, belting implies unneeded pressure and tension, and likely leads to vocal problems. A heavier mix, however, gives us the ability to sing with a full sound in the upper parts of our range without the tension that would normally accompany a belt.

For that reason, whenever I hear a director say that they want a belt, I simply suggest my students use a heavier mix voice. It sounds basically the same and is much healthier.

So, how do we create a heavier mix? Unfortunately that’s not something I can describe in an article (at least I haven’t perfected it yet). This is mostly because we all have different vocal tendencies, and what might help you get into a mix would be the exact opposite method for the next student.
However, if you’d like some guidelines on how to accomplish this type of mix, check out my How to Sing High Notes article, as this discusses many of the aspects that need to be balanced in order to accomplish it.

I know this doesn’t fully answer your question, but I hope it does help give you some guidance on how to move forward. Beyond that, I’d suggest you find a teacher that’s focuses on developing a mix… most BMA and SLS certified teachers have this knowledge to help you on this part of your journey.

Hope this helps!

Vocal Coach Ken Taylor

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