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How Do I Control My Pitches and not Sing from My Throat?

I’ve been reading some of your articles for singing tips, and it helped me a bit with volume. I can sing a little louder, but my pitches are all off. How do I control my pitches? Also, I feel pressure under my jaw when I sing? And, I keep accidentally singing with my throat, which I have been taught not to do, but if I don’t sing like that, then I’m pretty much forcing the pitches out, and it’s hard on my vocal cords. Could you also give me tips on how to sing louder? I sound very quiet when singing.
I’m sorry for all the questions, but I have a lot of problems.
Hey ya,

It sounds like some of the key issues you’re experiencing have to do with singing with too much or too little air pressure. You can get a feel on how to better control you airflow by watching this video:

Also, when it comes to singing louder, you need to understand one key concept. The fullness of the sound is created by space, not by pushing in any way. So learning to create more space while singing will help you more effortlessly create a bigger sound when you sing. You can learn more about this concept by watching this video:

Wrap your head around these two concepts and apply them to your singing, and after a little bit of practice, you should see a significant difference in the quality of your voice.

I hope this helps!

Vocal Coach Ken Taylor

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