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How Do I Create More Consistency with My Voice?

How to Expand your Range

I’m singing in a choir. I’m an alto, usually my range is c3-c6. i can hit c6 easily without forcing. but i feel like it’s not my real range. cause there are times i feel so comfortable and relaxed and i hit e6 like i was only reaching e5. and usually i do this unintentionally. i realize that i’m hitting a very high note when my choir teacher says that i’m sound very good and asks me to do it again. And most of the time i cant do this again. also when liprolling i can reach 7. ovtave without my larynx getting so high. I’m trying to get to my whistle register normally but i just cant do it. i know it’s already a big accomplishment for an alto to hit high c with ease but i know i can do even better. I think it’s about technique but i cant find what i’m doing wrong. I would be really grateful if you could help me.

Hey CL,First off, congrats on the range that you’ve already achieved. It wasn’t until I discovered very different vocal techniques in my early/mid 20s that I was comfortably able to sing and connect more than 2 octaves. So you’re way ahead of the learning curve.

All of that being said, I believe what you’re asking me is how do you expand your range more, and how do you hit those higher notes consistently. Well, first off, you rarely ever will need to hit those notes consistently, so I wouldn’t worry about it that much. :-)

But, my guess is you’re sing more effortlessly in your upper range when you’re not paying attention to it, but when someone points it out to you (like your choral director), you start “trying” to hit them. That said, the key to your success is probably relaxation.

Make sure that there’s no use of the external muscles in your neck, and that you maintain a relaxed tongue and larynx. A steady flow of air is also important. You don’t want to add or take away too much air, as that’ll throw your vocal mechanism off balance, creating an imbalance of pressure, causing you to work much harder.

Balance things well, and not only will you discover you can probably hit those notes more consistently, but you may be able to ascend higher in pitch as well.

I hope this helps. Best of luck to ya, and keep up all the good work!

Vocal Coach Ken Taylor

PS: Make sure you are Breathing completely correctly so that you can have the best range possible!
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