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How Do I Cure a Dry Throat?

I need tips on how to develop or create vibrato in my singing voice also need voice training and what to do with dry throat and when it becomes hard to swallow 


My best piece of advice on singing with a dry throat is simply to avoid it when possible. Singing with a dry throat often adds an undesired raspy tone to the voice, and can be difficult to counter, and of course, doing so will likely throw our vocal mechanism off balance. I’d simply fix the cause.The cause is usually one of dehydration. Drinking water will help you get past this, but it’s not necessarily going to fix it immediately.

I read somewhere that this is because the water must enter the circulatory system before it can effect the areas that are altered by dehydration (ie: vocal cords, chapped lips, dry eyes, etc). So, just know that you will have to stick with drinking water and do it consistently in order for this to work.The other thing that could be causing dry cords is an external irritant.

It could be allergies such as dust, pollen, etc… it could be smoke or fumes from like paint. It could be in response to an illness. Talking with your doctor about most of these makes the most sense, but I can also add that water will at least help each of these symptoms as well.

Ok, so now that we’ve got the dryness addressed, lets move onto Vibrato. Vibrato is actually the product of a healthy voice, but most singers manufacture it. Good breath support is essential, so I suggest you look at my other article Breathing and SInging first. Then I actually wrote an article giving suggestions as to how one might achieve vibrato a month or two back. You can read it here – Singing with Vibrato .I hope this helps, and best of luck!


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