When I sing, my voice has a breathy sound and it faintly sounds like I’m talking. How do I fix this?




Hey Justin,


First off, the singing voice sounding like you’re talking isn’t all bad. After all, the singing voice is merely an extension of the speaking voice. However, if you’re wondering how to get rid of a breathy ton, then there’s certainly a way to do that (for both your speaking and singing voice).


When a voice sounds breathy, it’s because the vocal cords aren’t coming together all the way when you’re creating sound. The added space between the cords is where the breath escapes, creating a breathy tone.


To fix this, we just need to zip those cords up. The easiest way to do this is by using vocal fry. The easiest way I can help you do that is to tell you to mimic the almost growl sound the ghost in the movie “The Grudge” makes.


See this link… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o-Y82ifoTjs


This sound is created by comfortably allowing a slow flow of air to pass through zipped cords. If it feels pressed when you’re doing this, you’re trying to hard. Slow down the air flow and try again.


Once you can create this sound, you can use it to guide you into your singing. For example, if you’re singing a scale on an “ah” vowel, then you’d start with the fry and while continuing the airflow, go straight into the first ah tone. If you do this properly, you shouldn’t have any breathiness in your tone.


Once you get used to the coordination, it should become much easier to sing with good cord closure, eliminating breathiness in the sound.

To make sure your breathing correctly and using the breath in the healthiest manner, check on this article on Breathing and Singing
I hope this helps!
Vocal Coach Ken Taylor


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