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How Do I Know My Voice?

How do I know my voice? I dont know my voice… I feel like im straining most of the time. I want to sing freely with no strains. Help me


Hey Phillip,
Your question reminds me of a famous quote, “Know thyself.”

It seems like you’ve got that down. You know you sing with strain. So, how do we get past that?

If you’re experiencing strain, it’s likely due to the use of too much muscle, or too much pressure. Both cause an imbalance in your vocal mechanism.

If you find that you speak with ease, then I’d start there. Start to speak your song on a pitch. Is it released? If so, start incorporating that release when you sing multiple pitches.

This this works, great! You’ve been able to discover freedom in your voice!

If not, then you’re going to have to work on balancing out that pressure and releasing tension. You can learn more about proper use of the breath and releasing pressure in this article on Breathing and Singing. You can also learn more about the two most common forms of tension and how to release them in this