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How Do I Lighten My Tone?

Hi, I’m Ángel and I’m 19. I’m a bass, I have in my opinion a short range and I have problems reaching high notes, I don’t know what I am doing wrong. When I try to hit a C4 or a D4 I feel like is so high but I know a bass can hit those notes. I do really want to know how to fix this. And sometimes I feel my is too heavy even if I try to light my tone. Does this happen because I’m a bass?



Hey Angel,

This isn’t happening because you’re a bass, but more so because you’re so used to singing in a heavy chest voice (as most basses do). This problem certainly isn’t limited to basses though.

The solution is releasing any tension accompanying your voice, and spending some time practicing head voice.

Head voice isn’t something you’re going to use very often, but it will be much more releasing and should be practiced all the same. You’ll also likely find a great release in your head voice, which is a similar sensation that you can try to incorporate into your chest voice.

Granted, these two voices are different, but the purpose is just to release some of the unnecessary pressure you have in your voice. I’d also recommend reading this article on releasing tension both in the tongue and swallowing muscles – How to Get Rid of the Two Most Common Tensions in Singing 

Do both of these, and there’s no doubt to me that you’ll start to have a more balanced chest voice, helping you find ease in gliding up to the top part of your voice.

I hope this helps!

Happy Singing,
Vocal Coach Ken Taylor

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