How do I sing better and how do I get my voice to go high?


I find often that singing well is 1 part skill and 1 part confidence. Since I don’t know where you are skill wise, I’ll focus on that latter.

People that don’t have confidence when they sing are at a huge disadvantage. They hold back, singing softer when they’re around others… whether those “others” are singing teachers, or choir members, or whoever. Thing is, when you hold back while you’re singing you’re not using your real voice which ensures you’re not sounding your best. What’s even worse, you’re creating the habit of singing that way making it even more difficult for you to let go and live up to your full potential.

All of that being said, I believe that singing (at least as far as confidence is concerned) is a process of, “fake it ‘til ya make it

If you don’t feel confident singing around others yet, then you’re going to actually sound worse. So, next time you’re singing around others, act like you’re completely confident in your voice. If you make a mistake, make it count. This is a good thing because then you’ll know more of what you need to work on instead of always holding back and using a false voice.

All that being said, Dollaris, you may not have an issue with this at all. But if not, hopefully this will help some of the readers out there. When it comes to singing higher, check out this article – How Do I Sing Higher


I hope this helps. Happy Singing!

Vocal Coach Ken Taylor





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