How Do I Make My Voice More Smooth?

How can i make my voice sweeter and silky?



Hey Mike,

There are a few different ways one could do this. Off the top of my head, I’d say you want to keep your tone smooth and connected, and make sure that you’re not singing too aggressively nasal. We’ll start with keeping a legato sound.

Singing legato (or smooth and connected) is really an art form. In order to do this well, you MUST sing on a steady and consistent flow of air. If your air flow stops and starts, or if you add more air at times and less air at different times, then you’re going to lose this feeling. Most people don’t notice they’re doing this, but as a rule, most singers adjust air flow (in a negative way) as they ascend/ descend in pitch, and when they’re trying to sing with more emphasis, often pounding away at consonants.

You can also learn more about how to create a steady flow of air by reading my article on Singing and the Breath.

Next, you want to make sure that you’re tone is balanced and specifically that you’re not leaning too far into a nasally resonance. For most singers, this means that you’re going to want to sing with a more consistently vertically open sound. Doing this will help anchor the larynx and prevent your sound from getting too pinchy. If you find that you still have an overly aggressive sound, you may try adding a little bit of a “hooty” feel to the sound (think mimicing Scooby Doo, just not quite that extreme). This will help warm up your tone.

Balance both of these things well, and you’ll be as silky smooth as the ladies hair after visiting the Zohan (sorry… Adam Sandler movie reference). Give it a shot and see how well it works.

Vocal Coach Ken Taylor

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