How Do I Make Myself Sound More Edgy?

I have a very sweet sounding singing voice and I like it for some songs but it just doesn’t fit well for others how do I make myself sound more edgy?

Hey Sarah,

I love a sweet sounding voice, for sure, but I understand your desire to have versatility.

If you desire an edgier sound, you’re probably going to have to start playing more with leaning deeper into cord closure and possibly incorporating more nasal or forward sounding resonance (some people also call this pharyngeal). However, keep in mind I haven’t heard your voice before, so this may not be the direction you really should go… I’m just going off of my gut.

The video below talks a bit about vocal fry and how you can use it to help achieve cord closure. Once you balance this cord, you’ll be in a much better position to lean into a fuller sound.

Beyond that, just start playing with adding a bit of a more nasal resonance to your sound and see what you figure out. You can also search on youtube for videos on pharyngeal resonance and some of the Singing Success coaches should pop up (I’m actually going through a certification with them right now, and they’re pretty awesome, so I feel comfortable suggesting any of them to you).

As a final thought, my guess is since your voice is used to the sweeter sound, finding balance in these places will be a little tricky at first, but that should balance itself out once you play with it for a while. Just keep in mind that cord closure is a relaxed thing, and that nasal resonance is something that you’re adding into your sound, not something you’ll likely use on its own.

I hope this helps! Best of luck creating an edgier sound.

Vocal Coach Ken Taylor

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