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How Do I Sing High and Low Without Cracking?

Cracking While Singing

How do I sing high and low without my voice cracking?


The voice cracking can be the result of many different things. If you have a healthy voice (ie, you’re getting plenty of water, aren’t sick, don’t have vocal damage, etc), then it’s likely to do a flaw in vocal technique.

Without knowing more about your voice, I can’t really diagnose your problem specifically, but here’s the most typical solution I can think of.

More often than not, when the voice cracks, it’s because of an overly heightened larynx. As we sing higher, if voice isn’t balanced, it’s very common for our larynx to raise as well. Oh, and the larynx is the area of the throat that’s also called the Adam’s Apple for guys… it’s located around the center of the neck.

Anyway, as the larynx rises, the vocal cords are placed under more and more stress, and eventually break open to release the tension. I’ve found the larynx rising usually is the result of either too much air pressure underneath the cord or unnecessary tongue tension. So to fix this, make sure you’re not adding or taking away air pressure while you move around in your range, and keep that tongue loose and you’ll likely have less issues with this (though I’ll admit that doing this can be easier said than done).

If this doesn’t take care of it, think of singing in more of a relaxed, dopey tone. This will help you naturally lower the larynx. It may sound funny at first, but it’s a surprisingly effective way to balance out a raised larynx.

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Vocal Coach Ken Taylor

Update: Since answering this question, I’ve written a very thorough article on How to Sing High Notes. Check it out!

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