How Do I Start on the Right Note While Singing a Cappella?

How do I start on the proper note while singing a cappella? I am auditioning to sing the National Anthem and I’m struggling with the starting note. I tend to start too high which makes it hard for me to hit the high notes which could end in disaster and I’d rather not end up being the next National Anthem flop on youtube 



You have two options when looking to start your a cappella song on pitch. The first is develop perfect pitch, which is rather difficult and something that I still haven’t completely perfected, though I haven’t honestly tried that hard to do so.

The second, and most common way, is to use a pitch pipe. You can find them at a guitar center, or at most music stores. These are usually circular, harmonica-esk pipes that have one of each note in a chromatic scale. So basically, once you know your starting note, you simply blow into that hole and you’ll get your starting pitch. This is how most singers and a cappella groups get their starting note.

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You can also check out this article on How to Improve Singing, it might help to keep you on the right track!

Hope this helps!
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