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How Do I Stay on the Right Pitch?

How to Stay on the Right Note

Every time I sing in either a pitch too high or too low for the song, but when I manage to sing on the same pitch, I give off a different tone from the one (perhaps a different key), so I keep alternating extreme pitches through out the song. Are there anyways that I can correct this?

Hey Obi,

I’m not 100% sure I understand your questions entirely, but I’m going to try and answer it as best I can.

Pitch issues aren’t always the easiest thing to fix, but with time and patience, it’s achievable. Start working on a slower song with a smaller range. Make sure when you’re singing, to listen to how the singers pitch relates to yours. Once you feel comfortable that you’re matching it well, move on to more complicated songs.

At first, you’ll have to focus on this more intently than what perhaps some other singers do, but that’s because you haven’t done it enough to make it subconscious. Continue this for a bit, and you’ll start to not having to focus so much on it.

There is one thing I’d like to add though… not all singers have the same tone when they sing, and different tonal qualities can sound like they’re higher or lower. For example, if Gavin DeGraw and Michael Buble were to sing the same song in the same key, Gavin’s voice would sound like it’s higher, whereas Michael Buble’s warm, rich tone makes it sound lower. This could be part of what you’re experiencing when you feel like you’re on pitch, but not matching the pitch of the singer of the song.

I hope this helps. Remember, it may take a little time to make singing accurately a subconscious act, but the more you do it, the easier it gets. So yeah, keep working at it and best of luck to you!

Vocal Coach Ken Taylor

ps – As a general rule, if you’re singing sharp then you’re singing with too much tension, and singing flat is often the result of an unsupported tone. So if you consistently struggle with either of these pitch issues, check of the following articles for help:

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