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How Do I Take Vibrato Out Of My Voice?

Thank you for you website and your wonderful advice.  I see lots of questions from people trying to develop more vibrato…but I would really like LESS of it in my voice, or to learn how to control it better.  I’m in an alternative rock band, and we do three part harmonies at times, and my vibrato makes it difficult to blend the voices well.  Any advice is welcomed, and I’ll be sure to pass it on! ~ Jen (Hath No Fury)

Hey Jen,

I haven’t really worked with many singers on taking out vibrato, but I suppose I’d do it the same way I would try to add it… in the warm ups.

I’d start off singing a slower scale, focusing on leaning into the sound deep enough (while staying relaxed) and singing a straight tone. Doing this slowly will help you be able to focus on maintaining that straight tone while switching notes. Then once that gets easy, speed it up.

Then, I’d do the same while singing songs. When you’re practicing, sing it slowed down away from the group until you feel comfortable singing it in a straight tone. Then, start to speed it up.

This sounds really simple, but your voice has to get used to that coordination, and when you’re all full of energy in the moment singing with loud guitars and other singers, it would be normal for your voice to take on some of that energy and create vibrato.

You may also try pressing down on something while you’re singing with your band, as this will help you stay more “grounded.” This is more of a mental trick than anything, but it could help you even out that sound and avoid vibrato.

Keep me posted on whether or not this helps. I think it should, but sometimes it’s hard to critique a voice when you can’t hear it.

Best of luck!
Vocal Coach Ken Taylor

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