How Do You Get Your Voice Heard by the Right People?

How do you get your talent seen by the right people? 

If you have the voice that u can sing but just need a little help then how do you get your talent shown and become famous? 

– Carlita

Unfortunately, this isn’t a simple answer. Every famous singer accomplishes this in a different way. Some are discovered in local talent shows, some on youtube, some do it for years until they find someone to invest in them and get picked up by a label, and there are probably at least 8,000 more different ways that it has happened in the past.


So what will work for you?


There’s absolutely no telling. But I will tell you a couple of things that all these singers have in common.


First off, none of them just woke up one day and became famous. They worked their butts off figuring out how to consistently get better and better. They invested their time, energy and money into not only learning how to sing better (read Singing with Emotion), but how to perform, how to get in front of others, how to market themselves as a singer, how to grow a fan base, and much, MUCH more!


All of these are necessary elements to being discovered. All of that being said, the people who become the most successful are the ones that are always throwing themselves out there. The only way you can be discovered is by putting yourself in the position of being seen.


You can do this online (though it’s not as easy as it looks), by performing in talent shows, at festivals, auditions, etc. Once again, all of this requires quite a bit of time and effort (most of which will be without compensation), but that’s the sacrifice that a singer has to make.


Finally, you’ve got to be able to handle rejection, because I promise you that you’ll experience it. Be ready to get 20-100 no’s for every yes you get. Needless to say, being a professional singer isn’t for the faint of heart.


The road to becoming a professional singer isn’t always an easy one, but it can be quite a bit of fun and certainly has it’s perks. I wish you the best of luck on your journey!

Vocal Coach Ken Taylor

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