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How To Sing High Notes in an Aria

Hello! I’ve been struggling with the high notes for a long time. I can’t really hit them properly. First of all, I sing opera. So you know that it’s “hard” stuff. However when I hear that baritone sings G or A in the first octave, I wonder how is it possible. I can easily sing from G of the big octave till C of the first, to sing higher I must strain, make my voice much louder, thus I begin shouting. Nevertheless I’m able to hit only E in the first octave. But almost all arias have F, G and even A, I have no idea how ho hit them. Please help me if possible!



Hey Bill,

I had the exact same problem when I first started singing opera. The problem is you’re only singing in your chest voice.

That C you start straining on marks for most the first bridge in the male voice. This means this is the point which you should start “mixing” between chest and head voice to hit these notes in a both powerful and released way.

Problem is, not all baritones are taught to get into a mix, which means they pull chest voice up too high, which is both why you’re straining past a C, and finding it impossible to sing the G or A.

Your next step is discovering you mix voice. Once you do this, you’ll be able to soar right through that area with much greater ease.

I describe many of the variables necessary to create a mix in my article on “How to Sing High Notes.” I’d suggest reading it over and applying what you can.

You can also play with some of the exercises I’ve posted online in this video on How to Warm Up Your Voice. The lip flutters should help you find the coordination to at least experience a mix.

I hope this helps. Let me know when you discover what you’re looking for.

Vocal Coach Ken Taylor

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