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How to Sing Well

Many people that stumble upon this site are searching for how to sing well. For those people, I have a bit of bad news. If searching is what you spend the majority of your time doing, I hate to tell you, but it’s likely that your efforts will end up fruitless.

Why would I say such a thing?

Well, if you’re spending most of your time searching, you don’t have near enough time to practice and develop habit. You see, with something like singing, application of what you’ve learned is infinitely more important than learning more and more (actually, learning more without taking the time to own a skill can slow you down).

So how does one learn to sing well?

Singing is a skill. To improve your technique, you must first learn what to do, then do it until you own it. But the price of ownership is great.

The only way to “own” a skill is to do it over and over not just until it’s perfected, but until you do it perfectly without even having to think about it. This takes time, focus, persistence, and possibly the most difficult, a willingness to fail an infinite number of times until you get it right.

I think the age of the internet is both a blessing and a curse. It’s a blessing because it makes it easier for me to help give people just like you the exact skills you need to live up to your potential as a singer. But, it’s a curse because it provides us with endless distractions that get in the way of us applying what we learn, one of the most common being searching for more info before we own what we’ve already discovered.

Analysis by paralysis is a common term found in the info marketing business, but I think it applies equally as well for singers looking up info. What good is learning everything you can about singing from the internet if you never apply it? So, let’s talk about how we can avoid this fate.

Success always starts with a plan. I suggest you plan to work on your voice every day, focusing on a small detail or two until you own it. Be willing to fail over and over until you get it. Then, stack the next small detail on top of that… then another.

I’ll say this again because I believe it’s so important… Accept that repeating failure is a necessary detour along the road of your success. Actually, I’d argue that being willing to fail is less like a detour and more like getting on the interstate, because it speeds up progress. This is true because so many people are so afraid to fail that they never try… if you jump right into being willing to make mistakes, you’ll grow infinitely faster.

Now that you’ve read what seems like a mini novel on how to learn to sing, you may be asking, “What can I do technically to learn how to sing well?”

Well, that’s the type of material I post all over the internet on a regular basis. You can search around this site for more pointers, or you can simply Join our Facebook Community Page. Here, I’ll share articles and tips on various aspects of vocal technique as well as answer any questions you may have.

Best of luck to you in all your vocal endeavors!

~ Vocal Coach Ken Taylor

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