How to Warm Up Quickly in the Mornings?

How do you quickly warm your voice up in the morning? ~ Justine

Hey Justine,

Good question. I tend to take a little bit of time when warming my voice up in the mornings. But, if you only have a little bit of time, I’d suggest warming up with light sounds, not really pressing through any part of your range, and splitting it up.

So, you may do a handful of scales on “oo” in the shower as you’re getting ready, then take a break. Then, when you’re grabbing coffee, do some light flutters or lip trills. Then as you’re driving to where you’re going, perhaps open up to slightly bigger sounds.

Doing this will slowly help your voice wake up instead of pushing through a warm up when your voice isn’t entirely ready to get started. Make sure when you’re singing the first couple of times not to push up to the top notes. If they’re there, great. If not, just start moving back down with your scales.

You want to do this because the whole purpose of warming up is to put your voice in a place of success. If you’re pushing in your warm ups, then you’re more likely to push in your singing thereafter.

I hope this helps!

Vocal Coach Ken Taylor

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